Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Miss the old You

Yeahh . there must be anyone yang tak percaya dengan this statement . but seriously , I do miss you so much . *but not as much I miss my Family*

Hmm honestly , I still can’t forget you and I was kept asking myself , is this a real ? the real thing that you leave me ? hmm I didn’t know , where do you kept your promises sweetheart ? I wish that I can forward ALL your ‘sweet-talker’ messages and remind you all about that . serious . seriously . hmm you promised me that you will wait for me until my sem break right ? I kept patient , waiting for that day . but ? hmm okay .

Hmm did I did something wrong ? if yes , tell me , what is my fault ? or actually you found someone else , and you use your study as your excuse ? okay , I will try , so hard seriously , try to understand ALL your situation . I think , I already did it right ? okay , maybe not for you . okay fine .

Honestly , stalk-ing your twitter , facebook , now is my daily routine . I don’t know why must I stalks you , then feels the hurt ? maybe because I just wanna know how your condition , are you sick , or just to know what are you doing now . then I realized that some of your tweet MAYBE okay it’s just a MAYBE , talking about me , but when I read about it again , I feel like “there’s must be about someone else” :’) don’t know .

It’s okay lahhh . keep calm and just relax . everything gonna be fine , seriously , like before . like 3years and 6months ago . okay , I’ll wait for that time *fake smile*

p/s : every night , re-read our conversation and cried . again and again .
every morning , turn off the alarms , look at the wallpaper and wish , Good Morning , Sweetheart . just that , that I can do :’)

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