Friday, July 20, 2012

No one can speak well in language even in MALAY , eventhough you’re a MALAY !

Cer hangpa habaq mai sini sat , hangpa ada penah dapat bahasa melayu seratuih peratuih kaa ?
Takkannnn ?

See , when we still child , we speak in malay a little pelat . but after we keep practicing speak properly , now we can speak without any pelat anymore .Yeahh , same goes to English . we have been studied English since we tadika right ? keep studying to primary school . until end of secondary school . BUT , why can’t we speak English like we speak in bahasa ?

First , you’re not confident ! you keep thinking of what people will say when they hear  you speaking . am I right ? come on lahhh . how can we be perfect when we are not doing what we want to be perfect ? no efforts , then no success . if you think you can , then you can ! okeyyy ? just ignore what people are saying . bantai jelahhhh !

Second , your MIND SET !

alaaa , bahasa inggeris nie susah lahhh . payah lahh .


Alaaa , buat apa nak belajar sangat bahasa inggeris nie ? bukan nak pergi melancong luar Negara ke apa ke ?

What will you do if a foreigner comes to you then ask you , ‘’Excuse me , which way is going to KLCC ?’’ . Then what will you gonna do ? just saying ‘’I don’t know’’ then blah ? come on lahhh . this is our country . how come we don’t know , right ? at least , say something like ,

‘’Sorry sir . I may not help you too much because I also don’t know which way is it . but you can ask that man in front of the guard’’ *tunjuk pakcik guard kat depan*


‘’hmm . sorry sir , I don’t know how to explain to you . but you can go by public transport . it more easier . just a little bit late lahhh . first , get your KTM to KL Sentral . then , grab a monorail to KLCC . don’t forget to pay the ticket first ! ‘’

OR the easiest way ,

‘’sorry sir , I don’t know . why don’t you go and get a taxi . just tell the driver where you wanna go and for sure he will bring you to your destiny ‘’ .

 As easy as ABC , right ?

So , why don’t we change or try something new ? but , HOW ?
First , keep speaking and writing in English .
Second , read english novel , magazines , or newspaper .
Third , join international entertainment .
And , so on . that’s not too hard , right ? So , let’s moving on !

p/s : saya tidak menyuruh anda mengutamakan bahasa inggeris dan mengabaikan bahasa kebangsaan kita . tetapi ini adalah untuk kebaikan kita semua dan juga dapat membantu kita dapat menghadapi masa hadapan :)


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